Emmelyn Thayer


Current Schedule

FALL 2017

San Diego Mesa College:

DRAM 268: Musical Theatre Workshop

This musical theatre course is for anyone interested in learning the nuts and bolts of musical audition technique and performance! Develop your singing ability, learn how to sight-read music, explore basic dance steps and how to sing while moving, and discover how to select and prepare a song that will showcase your strengths as a performer. The course will explore both solo and ensemble singing.

DRAM 150: Cinema as Art/Communication I (online)

Explore cinema from its inception through 1959. Topics include silent film, the advent of sound, the black and white aesthetic, the technology of color, genre films, the influence of the director, and the role of technology. We’ll also explore the film movements of the modern era, including Italian Neo-Realism, German Expressionism, and Soviet Montage.

San Diego City College:

DRAM 105: Introduction to Dramatic Arts

To register, visit schedule.sdccd.edu and select “Dramatic Arts.”


I’m an actress, acting teacher, voice/dialect coach and violinist based in San Diego, CA.